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"I finished my medical school training through SJSM and will be starting residency in Neurology in July, 2019. I consider SJSM to be one of the top medical schools in the Caribbean. My graduating class had a record number of residency matches at some great university programs and in a number of sub-specialties. With low tuition, I was blessed to graduate without any student loans which will be a huge blessing in the future. "

-Zunir C, MD - SJSM 2019 Graduate

"Affordable tuition and good environment to study pre-clinical years. I matched into my first choice (Anesthesiology - Chicago) on my first try. Great opportunity if you work hard and stay focused. Overall good experience for me."

-Dillon T, MD - SJSM 2017 Graduate

"The Faculty cares deeply for the success of their students. They guided me every step of the way from Step 1, Step 2 Cs, step 2 Ck , and getting all my paperwork in order for graduation and interview tips. SJSM was the best choice for me. In 4 yrs I finished Med School and matched. Thank you SJSM staff and faculty you helping make my dreams come true."

-Roberto M, MD - SJSM 2018 Graduate

"I'm really glad I transferred to SJSM because they got me here. Texas is a difficult state to match into. Being trained with the state, I get a lot of hands on experience at a very state level. I was prepared very well for Step 2. I saw a wide range of cases so that when it came to the CS exam, I had a good understanding of what to expect and how to treat those cases. They were always supportive when I applied for residency. "

-Raafia M, MD - SJSM 2009 Graduate

"I think everyone subconsciously wants to do something with their life that’s going to matter. This was the first thing that I decided on, that I can help other people in ways they can’t help themselves."

-Tyler, MD2, Saint James Anguilla

"I’ve wanted to be a doctor for as long as I can remember. I want to help people … whether they just need a check-up, or something is wrong and they need someone to give them support, advice and treatment. I want to be that person."

-Ashley, MD4, Saint James Anguilla

"My parents were both doctors. Ever since I was little, I always loved helping people out. My grandmother had end stage cancer and seeing how the doctors took care of her … inspired me … to help other people who need help."

-Yash, MD4, Saint James St. Vincent

"Nowhere do you get the ability to touch lives the way you do in medicine. I’ve had the opportunity to save people … nothing will ever compare to that."

-Tina, MD4, Saint James St. Vincent

"Why do I want to be a doctor? When I was 10 I was diagnosed with scoliosis. My paediatrician was my mentor, and that bond that we shared, I always wanted to give back to someone in that way."

-Tiffaney W., MD4, Saint James St. Vincent

"Outside the classroom, faculty are always available. They’re always more than willing to talk with you. They’re not just there for classroom stuff, they’re there to help you with whatever you may need."

-Aqsaa, MD3, Saint James Anguilla

"Faculty are easily accessible. You can always talk to a teacher, everyone’s open to it … they understand how difficult the subject matter is and they’re willing to work with you."

-Cristy, MD2, Saint James St. Vincent

"Smaller student to faculty ratios allows students to not only have an increase in one-on-one contact with individual faculty members, but also allows our students to be able to explore their coursework in more depth."

-Professor Adam A., Saint James Anguilla

"As non-traditional student, Caribbean medical schools are honestly a lot more friendly for people such as myself, who didn’t come through the traditional paths."

-Tina, MD4, Saint James St. Vincent

"Life on an island is excellent. Why do four years in medical school in a cold area when you can live the life on a beautiful beach and study?"

-Tiffaney W. , MD2, Saint James School of Medicine

"Saint James is awesome in that it focuses on strengthening your professional and leadership skills, as well as building strong connections that you can use as a licensed doctor."

-Sree Y., MD2, Saint James School of Medicine


“As a member of the ten-year anniversary graduating class of the Saint James School of Medicine, I have witnessed some of the remarkable progress that this school has made over its short history.

Through the Basic Science program you will develop a solid foundation upon which to build your clinical knowledge. Taking the time and making the extra effort to excel during your basic sciences course work will serve you well in preparation for the USMLE step 1. The faculty will support you any way they can, but it is up to you to take advantage of the available resources and time. Unlike most US schools, you will not be spoon-fed your education. Taking an active role in your education early in medical school will pay handsome dividends and lay the foundation for your success throughout your medical career.

Where I believe SJSM truly shines is during your clinical years. From first-hand experience, I can tell you that Saint James’s clinical sites are far superior to those offered by other Caribbean schools and are on par with those offered by most US schools. Having completed all of my core rotations at teaching institutions in Chicago, I can attest that my rotations prepared me well not only for USMLE step 2, but also residency.

I have enjoyed my time at St James, and although I am ready to take the next step in my career, I owe a great debt to the school that made this opportunity possible. I would strongly encourage you to consider Saint James as a vehicle to your career in medicine. Good luck, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at”

Dr. Devang G., graduate, Saint James School of Medicine. SJSM Class of 2010

“One of the things I liked best about Saint James was how committed they are as an organization to growing and improving. They are very flexible. The school’s administration was always there for me no matter what and came up with creative solutions to problems I encountered. The school’s culture in general is supportive, there’s always someone there to help you, and you will quickly realize that you need that help. It’s a hard thing to study medicine.”

Dr. Kristina S, graduate, Saint James School of Medicine

“It’s definitely a very rigorous academic schedule, it keeps you on your toes…the subjects you are learning are very intense, and it’s quite challenging so it’s really good to have a good faculty behind you.”

Joanne N., student, Saint James School of Medicine

“The student body at Saint James is very diverse, all ages and all backgrounds. Making friends is effortless and seeing your fellow students again during clerkship rotations in the US is an absolutely wonderful experience!”

Dr. David K., graduate, Saint James School of Medicine

“I wanted to take the cheapest, fastest route to qualify as a MD and get back to Canada to practice, and Saint James fulfilled these requirements.”

Dr. David K., graduate, Saint James School of Medicine


“We take students from Saint James School of Medicine for clinical rotations. The students are focused and ambitious, and consistently achieve strong results in evaluations. The school is friendly and efficient to work with and they closely monitor the wellbeing and performance of their student. We recommend Saint James School of Medicine and their students to other teaching hospitals. We have had a great experience with their students.”

Steven R. P., D.O., FACP, DIO and Chair, Graduate Medical Education, Mercy Hospital and Medical Center, Chicago

“It is with immense pleasure that I write this letter regarding my pleasant experience with Saint James Medical School. My experiences have all been very positive. The students I have had for the past two plus years have been a delight to have. They are very receptive, eager and diligent.

Regarding the facility, Dr. Guha and Dr. Pandit have done an admirable job at the helm. I have nothing but high regards and appreciation for their exemplary performance. Payments for my services have been prompt and accurate…

My experience with Saint James has been positive all the way, deserving my wholehearted endorsement to anyone who is looking for a meaningful teaching experience.”

Dr. Mir A. A., Internal Medicine – Union Medical Center, Chicago, IL

“Jackson Park Hospital and Medical Center educates Saint James School of Medicine students throughout a wide variety of clinical clerkship opportunities offered for core and elective rotations.

Saint James School of Medicine students who rotate at Jackson Park Hospital are an integral part of the patient care team. The students and residents directly manage the patients care with the help of attending physicians. This allows for a higher degree of independence while being supervised by the attending in a controlled setting.

At Jackson Park Hospital, Saint James students are exposed to a wide spectrum of diseases and ailments. There is a daily lecture that is taught by our teaching attending physicians. Students are encouraged to attend, which Saint James students do consistently…

In my role as liaison Jackson Park Hospital and Saint James School of Medicine, I find it a pleasure to interact with the students and look forward to a long, continued relationship.”

Leon G., Medical Education Office – Jackson Park Hospital, Chicago, IL



Interview with SGA President Kurtis Carlson

Interview with Saint James School of Medicine student Hugo Lai

Interview with Scott Vizarra, SGA President at Saint James School of Medicine

Interview with Wynand Nel, SGA President-elect at Saint James School of Medicine


Dr. Kristina Schmidt

Dr. Devang Gujarathi

Dr. Nisha Patel

Dr. David Klein


Dr. Ravinder Kenue, Associate Dean of Saint James Anguilla

Dr. Bruce Davidson, Dean of Saint James Anguilla

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