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Born in Nagpur, India, Dr. Jay K. Pandit was a champion debater, editor of the newspaper The Genius, and a graduate of the Nagpur Medical College. He came to the United States in 1957 for his surgical internship and residency and became a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He was Chief of Surgery and Medical Director of Thorek Hospital and a trustee of the Thorek Foundation. He went on to become Dean of Clinical Affairs of Saint James School of Medicine in 2004 until his retirement at age 88.

Dr. Pandit was truly a wonderful and selfless person and was always willing to help others in need. He was known for his quick wit, inspirational speeches, and generous spirit. He lived by the words, “what you give, you always have.” With a twinkle in his eye, he was always the first to take the dance floor.

We at SJSM will always remember Dr Pandit for his fatherly advice, for his witty jokes, his bright smile and the numerous treats he would always hand out to us whenever he was around. He was our pillar of strength, support, and positivity, and his memory will live on in the hearts and minds of the hundreds of students, professors and staff at Saint James School of Medicine whose lives he has touched.

This scholarship is meant to reward and recognize students with the highest potential for academic excellence and leadership in the field of medicine.  Students who meet the criteria listed below can apply for this scholarship before matriculation.


  • Score of 510+ on MCAT taken within 36 months of anticipated start date.

Maintaining the Scholarship:

  • Participation in at least one of the school’s clubs or Student Government Association (SGA) during the Basic Science.
  • Rank 1- 5 in the class for each NBME subject exam in your cohort, based on the raw score.
  • Must maintain good academic and financial standing with the School.

If the student fails to meet all the required criteria to maintain the scholarship, the student will be placed on probation for one semester. Failure to meet the criteria while on probation will result in the student being dropped to the next scholarship tier of scholarship value (i.e. Dr. Bruce Davidson Memorial Scholarship). Continual failure to meet the criteria to maintain the scholarship will result in revocation of scholarship. If the student is subjected to a disciplinary action and is found responsible by the Disciplinary Committee, student will automatically be removed from any scholarship.


  • During Basic Sciences, the student will receive a full scholarship on tuition for the duration of this portion of the program. Scholarship will exclude fees (i.e. NBME Fee, Development Fee, Maintenance Fee, Library Fee and Lab Fee).
  • During Clinical Sciences, the student will receive a full scholarship on tuition for the duration of this portion of the program. Scholarship will exclude fees (i.e. NBME Fee and Hospital Surcharge Fee).
  • All applicants who meet the minimum criteria for the Dr. Jay K. Pandit Memorial Scholarship will be awarded the scholarship, so long as they submit the application and supporting documentation (Explained below).


Students who meet the criteria can apply for the scholarship by:

  • Filling out a scholarship application form that can be found on our website.
  • Submitting a 700-800 word essay on the topic of “Impact I plan to make as a medical doctor on my community.”
  • Submitting your MCAT score report showing a minimum score of 510 and a test date within 36 months from your anticipated start date with SJSM.

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