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Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment 2023

Mar 21 2023

This is the 62nd edition and this update inculdes specific disease prevention information,easy access to medication dosages, with trade names indexed and current costs updated. Recent references, with unique identifiers (PubMed, PMID numbers) for rapid downloading of article abstracts and, in some instances, full-text reference articles. Detailed presentation of internal medicine disciplines, plus primary care topics in gynecology, obstetrics, dermatology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, psychiatry, neurology, toxicology, urology, geriatrics, orthopedics, women’s health, sexual and gender minority health, preventive medicine, and palliative care.

New Cardio title

Nov 22 2022

Hurst’s The Heart, 15e
World-famous for its authority and clinical relevance, Fuster and Hurst’s The Heart is cardiology’s longest continuously published reference book. Written to meet the ever-changing needs of cardiologists, fellows, and interns, this trusted classic offers a solid foundation in cardiovascular medicine and complete coverage of all major cardiovascular topics.This new edition presents a greater focus on the practicalities of patient care. Additionally, the content is ordered in a more methodical pattern—from mechanism to management. Reflecting the latest technical, therapeutic, and clinical advances.

Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, 21e

Jun 28 2022

Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, 21e

The full 21st edition of Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine is now on AccessMedicine!

Harrison’s remains the most trusted resource in a world influenced by endless sources of medical information. Includes updated content that reflects new approved therapeutics and new practice-changing guidelines and evidence summaries. More than 1000 clinical, pathological, and radiographic photographs, diagnostic and therapeutic decision trees, and clear schematics and diagrams describing pathophysiologic processes.

Infographic guide to Medicine

Apr 5 2022

As a medical student, you may be reading numerous pages of text to try and pick out details of diseases and therapies. You might find that images, flowcharts and algorithms are easier to understand. This section of accessmediince provides visually based materials to help provide a basis for learning.

Essential Elements of Wound Diagnosis

Mar 10 2021

New on Accessmedicine

Essential Elements of Wound Diagnosis

The principles of evidence-based wound care are discussed in the first chapter as a guide to caring for any patient with a wound, including the recommended supplies needed for care during the first encounter. However, “clean, cut, and cover” as a treatment model does not constitute evidence-based wound care and often adjunct therapies such as compression therapy, biophysical agents, advanced dressings, nutritional counseling, exercise, or hyperbaric oxygen therapy are recommended to advance healing, prevent infection, and achieve faster closure.

Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, 20e

Oct 16 2020

This 20th edition is a true landmark in medicine, spanning 68 years and multiple generations of trainees and practicing clinicians. While medicine and medical education have evolved, readers will appreciate how this classic textbook has retained enduring features that have distinguished it among medical texts—a sharp focus on the clinical presentation of disease, expert in-depth summaries of pathophysiology and treatment, and highlights of emerging frontiers of science and medicine.

Coronavirus articles

Feb 28 2020

Nature Research has curated a collection of relevant articles. The collection includes research into the basic biology of coronavirus infection, its detection, treatment and evolution, research into the epidemiology of emerging viral diseases, and coverage of current events.

The Big Picture: Gross Anatomy, 2e

Dec 20 2019

The purpose of this textbook, is to provide students with the necessary landmarks to accomplish their task—to understand the big picture of human anatomy in the context of health care—while bypassing the minutia. The landmarks used to accomplish this task are text and illustrations. They are complete, yet concise and both figuratively and literally provide the “Big Picture” of human anatomy.

Harrison’s Podclass

Oct 1 2019

Illuminating and engaging discussions on key principles of internal medicine, around board-style case vignettes from the acclaimed Harrison’s Self Assessment and Board Review.

New on Accessmedicine

Jul 26 2019

Exploring Essential Radiology

Exploring Essential Radiology helps medical students and residents develop their imaging interpretation skills in various modalities as well as various anatomical regions. This book offers the chance for learners to sharpen their clinical knowledge and diagnostic skills.